Welcome to our 22nd Season!

As we embark on the 22nd year in our little theatre, we can’t help but look back in amazement at all the wonderful productions we’ve been able to bring to Fremont. Since we began, we’ve produced 133 full-length productions, 6 variety shows, several mystery dinners, 14 annual summer shorts, and each event has been both a joy and a privilege. We’ve worked hard to ensure the quality of each production, and are extremely proud of them all.

This year brings another exciting lineup. We begin in January with another delicious Agatha Christie mystery, “A Murder Is Announced”, adapted by Leslie Darbon. Then, in March, we bring you our first Greek Tragedy, “Antigone“, adapted by Lewis Glantiere. The third show in May is an original comedy, “Love, Sex, and the Boxer’s Daughter”, written by our long-time friend, actor, and set designer, Craig Cutting. In July, we reprise a comedy from our past, “The Underpants” by Steve Martin. September brings another mystery, “Death Takes A Holiday” by Walter Ferris and then we round out the season with a delightful comedy thriller, “The Games Afoot”, by Ken Ludwig.

As always, we thank our actors, volunteers, and designers for their hard work bringing each production to you. We are truly grateful as well to our season ticket holders and regular patrons for their constant support and encouragement all these years. They have made it possible for us to continue for so many years and we can’t thank them enough. To those of you who have never been to Broadway West we hope you see something in our lineup that will encourage you to come. We strive for excellence, and are always happy to welcome new patrons to our intimate little theatre. 

Paula Chenoweth and Mary Galde

Broadway West Theatre Company Staff
Owners – Paula Chenoweth and Mary Galde
Webmaster – Christian Pizzirani