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the classic Greek tragedy by Jean Anouilh
directed by John Rutski

March 16 – April 14

There’s turmoil in the city of Thebes after a long civil war. The sons of Oedipus have slain one another for control of the throne following their father’s death. Creon, the new king, has decreed that one of the sons is to be buried with honors while the other is to be left to rot. In the face of certain death, Antigone rebels against this tyrant and his unjust law in order to bury her brother and do what is morally right.

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Performance Times:

8 pm Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
12:15 pm Sundays, March 25 (Continental Brunch followed by show at 1 pm)
3 pm Sunday, April 1 and 8 with refreshments during intermission (included in price of ticket).


  • $27 General Admission*
  • $22 Srs/Students/TBA
  • $20 Thursdays, March 22April 5 and 12
  • $15 Bargain Saturday, March 17
  • $10 Bargain Thursday, March 29 (no reservations – first come, first seat)

*All tickets $27 on Brunch Sunday and Opening Night.

Price of admission includes refreshments.

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